Being a Lakewood Runner

What to Expect as a Lakewood Lancer

Summer practice starts on July 14th. We meet mornings Monday through Saturday. An honest effort rule will be in place at every practice. Your attendance is mandatory to maintain your position on the team. The “3 Strike” rule is in effect. Any athlete with 3 unexcused absences may forfeit an upcoming trip, race, or team activity. Excess absences may result in your dismissal from the team. During the season (6th period), a missed workout may result in forfeiture of your next race. Parents should contact the coach with advance notification of family vacations. Consistency is the key to proper training and successful running.

A scenic river training run for the Boys Team

As a member of the LHS Cross Country team, you are a part of one of a great program. You should be proud of your choice and should help maintain the high level of commitment that brings this success. Remember that your attitude and conduct represents your school, teammates, coaches, and family. Inappropriate conduct may result in disciplinary action which can include dismissal from practice, forfeiture of races, and ultimately dismissal from the team.

The Cross Country team travels annually to Big Bear for a 5-6 day training camp. We will also travel to an away meet this year. These and other trips are earned rewards for successful racing, training, and attitude.  The top 5 performers are generally guaranteed these trips and the remainder of the team is to be decided by the coaching staff. These members will be chosen for their combination of commitment, desire, attendance, focus, and success.

Please make every effort possible to schedule these appointments around our Cross Country schedule. Do not schedule physical therapy appointments during practice hours. If you must miss a practice or an Cross Country meet, please have your parents contact the coaching staff prior to the appointment. Try to make them after 4:30 or 5:00 pm when practice is over. If you are sick, please stay home. If you are at school, you are well enough to practice. When injured, you are expected to be at all practices unless otherwise cleared with the coaching staff.

If you are ill and must miss a practice or an Cross Country meet, please have your parents contact the coaching staff prior to that absence. If you feel that you are injured, notify a coach immediately. If we feel that you need intervention beyond our abilities, we will recommend a trainer or physician. Never attempt to hide an injury from the coaching staff. This could endanger your health and, secondarily, your season.

Heat, rain, wind, or other foul weather are not reasons for missing practice. Our competition will be training and we will be also.

We realize that Cross Country may not be your only extra-curricular activity, we ask that you do not take unnecessary risks. We take our sport seriously and expect you to make Cross Country your priority sport during the season.